Vacuum Sealer
Model Sealing Size (mm) Power Consumption Pump Capacity Dimension Weight
Width Length kw ℓ/m W x D x H (mm) kg
CS-35L 10 350 2.0 75 420 X 350 X 300 35
CS-45L 10 450 2.8 120 520 X 350 X 300 40
CS-60L 10 600 3.0 120 670 X 350 X 300 45
Common Electrical Specifications Work Capacity Air Consumption Sealing Method
AC220V, 1Ph, 50/60Hz 2~6 N/A Impulse Sealing

A desk-type vacuum packer that can work without an air compressor. It can be used in locations where an air compressor cannot be used.

It is applicable for a variety of industries such as IT, and BT. It can be used to prevent oxidation, discoloration, decoloration, and pollution or to fix a product.

The more developed industry becomes, the more important it is for products to be stabilized and safe. As a vacuum packer for industrial use in the electronics and the bio industry, it has multi-functions and performances.