Band Sealer
Model SPM-100S SPM-100P SPM-100PA SPM-200S SPM-200P
Power AC 220V, 1Ph
Consumption 840W 940W 1,380W 840W 940W
Sealing Width 10mm (5.15mm changeable)
Conveyor Speed Max 17M/m
Conveyor Belt Size (mm) W 220 x L 1,390 W 220 x L 1,450
Sealing Belt Size (mm) W 20 x L 1,210 W 20 x L 1,210 W 20 x L 1,390 W 20 x L 1,210 W 20 x L 1,210
Polymax Belt Size (mm) 5M x L 475 5M x L 950 5M x L 950 5M x L 475 5M x L 950
M/C Dimension W 550 x L 1,050 x H 1,050 W 700 x L 1,450 x H 1,500
M/C Weight 75 95 115 125 135
Printer Type   Electric heat printer   Electric heat printer
      1/2HP 340W    

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