Impulse Bag Sealer
Model Power Sealing Size (mm) Weight Dimension
Width Length kg W x D x H (mm)
ISS 350-5 220V, 1Ph, 1,200W 5 350 25 430 X 380 X 880
ISS 450-5 220V, 1Ph, 1,400W 5 450 28 530 X 380 X 880
ISS 600-5 220V, 1Ph, 1,600W 5 600 30.5 680 X 380 X 880
ISS 350-10 220V, 1Ph, 1,600W 10 350 25.5 430 X 380 X 880
ISS 450-10 220V, 1Ph, 2,100W 10 450 28.5 530 X 380 X 880
ISS 600-10 220V, 1Ph, 2,600W 10 600 31 680 X 380 X 880

Impulse bag sealer is an important machine and a valuable tool for your packaging needs. An impulse bag sealer has upper and lower sealing elements which fuse the material from both sides at the same time. The purpose of using the impulse bag sealer is to stick two film layers and plastic bags. Our impulse bag sealer has specific advantages. Impulse bag sealer is very easy to use with low noisy and has superior design. Also it is easy to replace for consumable parts. Our impulse bag sealer is not only available for small types of work but also available for big size sealing work. They prevent the possible accident, have high speed and accuracy temperature controller, and allow high capacity work