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  • IML is a technology that can be used in many different markets. Make your choice in this overview to get more information about a specific IML market.
  • Producers know it all too well: consumers choose with their eyes. Therefore nice packaging is extremely important. Producers want to provide distinctive packaging that stands out thanks to beautiful and stylish details. In mold labels meet and exceed these requirements.
  • The purpose of packaging is to protect a product in transit until it is used by the consumer. But every form of packaging is also a silent seller of the product.
  • These examples of IML packaging perfectly combine the benefits of plastic (free form color or transparent) with the premium printing quality of an offset IML label.
This market does not only want to convince with user-friendly containers. Attractive and specific designs are also very important. No problem with in mould labeling.
Household products, such as lunch boxes, storage containers, dustbins and kitchen products, are more and more enjoying the advantages of IML. A decorated household product looks extremely hip, and withstands the scratch resistance and colour fastness semi-durable products require. Extra features such as SuperClear IML and DoubleSided IML make our offer for this market complete.
Ice Cream
In mould labels and ice cream go hand in hand. For the different flavours and different designs the same plastic containers are usually used. Therefore, the labels have to make the difference. Besides, this seasonal market requires a short delivery term to meet the demand during the summer peak. The demand: quick and tailor-made deliveries. The response: in mould labeling.
Growing interest in mono portion ice cream containers
You will certainly have noticed them by now, these cute little mono portion ice cream containers with in mould labels. Until recently small ice cream portions had been packed in directly-printed paperboard pots or small plastic pots. Technological advances at our customers mean that mono portion containers can now also be offered with IML, moreover with strong value for money.
The IML process combines the benefit of excellent offset print quality with a seamless transition between the label and the packaging, drawing attention to these containers on store shelves. In the accompanying photo you will also see the ‘push-up’ ice cream container. This enables you to push the ice cream up, which makes consumption easier and child-friendly. Thought has also been given to ‘on-the-road’ ease of use for the other mono portion containers. A small spoon is often included, attached to the underside of the lid, although in some cases it is actually incorporated in the lid (the label, the lid and the spoon are injected in a single step). A film suitable for the in mould label is used for this.
Pet food
Marketing guys know all about it: when buying pet food pet lovers are guided by the packaging. Catching the eye is therefore the message. And you will have no trouble doing just that with our high-quality and stylish in mould labels.
Increasing budget for pet food packaging
It is no secret that more and more people are spending money on their pets, and we have also noticed a pet food in our customers’ production. The main reason for this success is the ‘humanisation’ of our pets.
An American study (the National Pet Owner Survey) reveals that female animal owners in particular see themselves as the ‘mother’ of their pets and that they keep a very close eye on what is on offer for their little darlings. Thanks to IML, packaging can have an impact on this kind of look and feel. Possibilities offered by IML ensure that all product information is communicated to the consumer in an attractive way.
The American study also showed that pet care is one of the least price-sensitive markets. Pet food manufacturers are trying to distinguish themselves from their competitors by using IML packaging for ‘emotional purchasing’. The quality of the photograph as well as the various  ‘look and feel’ possibilities offered by IML ensure that all product information is communicated to the consumer in an attractive way.
Salads and spreads
A fresh presentation is of paramount importance when it comes to salads. Besides, producers want to market several salads with the same packaging. In mould labels do not only provide the necessary differentiation, but also offer the possibility to display different serving tips on the packaging in photo quality.
For reasons of conservation tobacco products are stored in polypropylene packaging. The packaging is finished with classy and decorative in mould labels.
Yoghurt packaging is often a complex matter, making it difficult to apply a stylish print. In mould labels offer the solution. Especially containers of 1 litre or more and combined yoghurts (such as yoghurt and muesli or fruits) are grateful adherents of our expertise.