Rotary Filling & Sealing Machine
Model SJR-6S2540 SJR-8S1024 SJR-8S1530 SJR-8D0915 SJG-8S0815 SJRZ-8S1024
10-30 30-50 30-50 60-100 30-40 20-50
Production speed depends on product, pouch type/size and filling volume
Pouch size
Width 250-400 100-240 150-300 100-150 80-150  
Length 250-470 100-400 130-470 100-400 100-400 100-400

As an experienced flexible packaging material manufacturer, we provide solutions for not only flexible package but also machinery with strategic alliance with our partners. Leveraging unique strategies that give us an edge in productivity and profitability, our packaging machinery serves a range of filling solution across wide variety of product applications, finding an integrated solution to any of your packaging challenges.