Chamber Type Vacuum Sealer
Model Sealing Size (mm) Power Consumption Pump Capacity Inside Diameter of Chamber Dimension
Width Length kw ㎡/h W x D x H (mm) W x D x H (mm)
VCM-650 10 650 5 75(1,300L) 555 X 675 X 180 1,230 X 805 X 970
VCM-750 10 750 7 120(2,000L) 780 X 720 X 180 1,570 X 825 X 970
Common Electrical Specifications Work Capacity Air Consumption Sealing Method
AC 220/380V, 1/3Ph, 50/60Hz 2~4 N/A Impulse Sealing

A chamber vacuum sealer designed with a transparent vacuum chamber on the top to allow checking of the vacuum packing procedure with the naked eye, that is kept clean thanks to its box-type design and stainless steel treatment.
It is good for use in supermarkets, restaurants, meat shops, food processing companies etc. and it shows excellent vacuum degree.
It is appropriate for hams, boiled fish, sausages, pickled radishes as well as medicines, parts for industrial use or powders. If necessary, gas injectors (for N2, CO2, O2 etc.) can be attached.

VCM-650/750 Series
A chamber vacuum sealer in VCM-series that has multiple chambers and creates excellent productivity. It is designed to stay clean thanks to its box type design and stainless steel treatment.