Flat Bottom Pouches
Product Material Spec
Dried food / Nuts / Dried fruits
Pet food / Powders
PET / Print / AL-Foil / NY / LLDPE
  • It offers the added benefit of a flat, stable base, allowing it to stand upright on the shelf.
  • Flat bottom pouches are also referred to as block bottom pouches. They are more costly than ordinary shaped pouches but has a high level of consumer attractive features which will definitely increase your turnovers. It provide a bountiful amount of space inside pouch for product branding, showing other important product information outside. Re-sealable zipper features can be added to the Flat bottom pouches.
  • Followings are brief summary of advantage for Flat bottom pouches.
  • They are convenient and are highly user friendly.
    Their feature provides pouches with more stability on shelves.
    They are suitable for various products of different markets.
    They have a high resistance to pressure, decreasing package ruptures.